Colleen B. Reilly

Visual Storyteller, Writer, Photographer

Who inspired me to get where I am today
My parents. They always worked hard, never complained, treated people right, and laughed a lot.

Superpower I most desire
The ability to fly, to see the world from a different view and to experience the freedom to go just about anywhere. It’s what photography lets me do (except the flying part).

Even more about me
I like to laugh when I work, because I’m happy in what I do.

The thing I love most about work
Working with interesting people who make me think.
Being able to use my camera to reveal the many wonders of this world.

Favorite quote
“The work praises the man” ~ an old Irish proverb

I’m happy that, through photography and writing, I can celebrate the world we live in. Crafting images that touch your heart and make you pause to take a deeper look is what I strive to achieve in every image that I create for myself, and for you.

Sharing stories that give you more details about a place, people or event conveys greater depth to an image and creates a better understanding of what you see. While working as a marketing executive, it was always my goal to tell a compelling story through the happy marriage of strong visuals and words to inform, entertain, and inspire people.

I’m still doing this today. My images capture a special, unique or beautiful moment in time and place that you will want to treasure and share.

It is such a joy for me to look through the camera lens and appreciate the rich details, shapes, and colors that exist around us. Whether I am shooting a mountain landscape, wildlife closeup, interesting architecture, people, flowers, or a special event, capturing that unique moment is what I love to do best.

Being a visual storyteller is my life!

“I always have to remind myself to put down the camera and enjoy the incredible beauty in front of me.”

Some Favorite Images