Fine Art Photography

Transforming images taken by my camera into memorable works of fine art is a process dear to my heart. Replacing brushes and paints with a seemingly endless digital toolbox of colors and effects allows me to create the look of a timeless work of art.

The subject matter can be anything you love or imagine – landscapes, still life, people, animals, architecture, slice of life – you name it.

Crafting artistic effects with an image always leads me into a kinder reality. Life’s sharp edges are softened. Colors gently overlap and blend together to create a vision of harmony. All the elements of an image are at peace with one another.

Creating fine art photography extends my interest in a particular image as it becomes an impression of the real world which makes me linger, wonder, and imagine all its possibilities.

The final creation can be printed on various media – archival papers, canvas, metal, glass, acrylic or wood – to achieve a particular look and feel. Your choice is also influenced by where you want to display the piece, and its custom framing completes the look you envision.

This process, that I like to call “artography” or “fine art photography” elevates a photograph into a unique expression of art that is one of a kind, and truly your own masterpiece. The result is a timeless artistic work that you will treasure and be proud to exhibit in any room of your home, office, or business.

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a custom work of art, please contact me so I can turn your dream into a beautiful reality.