When recently driving through the mountains of Utah and Alaska, every turn of the road revealed another magnificent scene. It didn’t seem possible, but each new view appeared better than the one before. It made me realize that there are so many places of natural wonder – far away…and close by – that I can’t wait to grab my camera to capture and release all these beautiful vistas.

But you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the many different landscapes in our lives. I can sit at a local beach and fall in love with all that I see – a score of large boulders scattered along the shore, the birds in the air or running on the sand with a wave-filled sea in the background. Or simply sitting in my yard with a closeup view of trees in every color as the fall season moves along.

I am constantly amazed and curious about what surrounds us. Everywhere you look can be an unforgettable landscape. I hope my images – whether as photos or fine art – bring you right beside me so that you, too, feel the same awe and appreciation of all the natural wonders in our world.