I love photographing people doing everyday things, just going about their lives. I’m especially fond of candid shots where everything is natural, not staged.

And it’s even better when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. When these moments are caught in camera, they give us insight into the human condition and reflect our own lives. We recognize in others our own vulnerabilities, happiness, challenges and sadness – the full array of human emotions and situations that we all face during our lives.

Perhaps that’s what makes photographs of people so compelling. It’s that single moment frozen in time, a moment that we all share, can appreciate, and keep as proof of a treasured memory.

What is a great “people” image? It’s the expression of wonder on the face of a young child as he looks out a window. It’s two musicians sharing a moment of love for song and admiration for each other. It’s the silhouette of a tired fisherman at sunset. It’s the pensive look on a rider’s face as his horse races down the field.

It’s all these moments, both big and small, that define the lives of everyone around us. Pause to take a longer look the next time you see a photograph of people. See if you can recognize your reflection. It’s amazing how much we have in common, and how revealing one great image can be.