Lighted deer figures in woods looking to the lit stars

Holiday Displays Light Up the Season

Hubbard Park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, draws thousands of visitors each year with its Silver Festival of Lights. This spectacular outdoor display, held from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, showcases over 500,000 lights and hundreds of lighted characters found throughout the park. These displays can be found decorating buildings, floating on …

Barn in a Flower Garden

On a warm, summer day, when this image was taken, the garden beside the old barn was abloom with tall, colorful groupings of flowers that seemed to encircle the building and everyone who walked along its gravel paths. This scene is one that artists seeking nature’s inspirations would have been drawn to, eager to linger …

Red lutung resting on a tree limb contemplating the future

Peaceful Moment

The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United States and the largest metropolitan zoo in the country. Open in 1899 with 843 animals in 22 exhibits, it is now home to 6,000 animals and over 700 different species. This is an ebony langur, or lutung, whose native lands are the islands …

Large American flag waving between 2 trees in Vermont during summer

Green Mountain Pride

This image was taken on a recent trip to Manchester, Vermont, a picturesque town nestled in the Green Mountains, a range that extends north to south approximately 250 miles from the border of Massachusetts to Quebec, Canada. It basks in the shadow of Mount Equinox, ranked the 13th highest state peak of 3,840 feet. As …

Photographer in silhouette on top of hill looking at sunset skies

Always Look Up

My husband and I were at Lyman Orchards, a 1,500-acre farm with hills of orchards, a farm market and bake shop, 3 golf courses and restaurant. The prettiest spot is at the top of the hills where we were as you can look down on acres of colorful orchards or look up and view 360 …

Three Amish children on their way to Sunday services looking out the back window of their buggy

Looking Back

This image was taken last October in Lancaster, PA, home to thousands of Amish families. I was sitting on the fence about going as I was told that they did not like their photo taken, and the farm roads were narrow with no room to pull over to take photos. But I decided to go …


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