A Horse’s Best Friend

Spirit, a winning thoroughbred, hurt his leg and couldn’t race anymore. Being only 7 years old, he had a long life ahead of him. His owners, rather than put him down as is the dire fate for many of these beautiful animals, instead gave him to a horse farm refuge where he could comfortably live out his life.

One of Spirit’s biggest problems, however, was that he still wanted to run. Another problem was that he really didn’t like the ladies too much. His handlers had all been men and that’s what he was used to.

Well, along comes Rachel, a young woman who loves horses. She has her own horse and also volunteers at the farm refuge. It’s her job to help rehabilitate Spirit so that he calms down so not to further damage his leg and can be safely, and slowly, exercised and ridden on the property.

It was a rocky start with a lot to overcome in the beginning, but Rachel’s love and devotion have shown Spirit that there is life after the track. And that a girl can be your best friend.