I am drawn to the water, especially the vastness of the ocean. I believe in another time, I may have been a dolphin. I swim almost every day (in a pool that I would be very happy staying in). Along the water’s edge, I find peace, comfort and so much beauty…and there’s so much sky! It’s just a perfect place to photograph.

I give a lot of credence to the evolutionary theory that our ancestors crawled out from the world’s seas. The oceans, lakes, and even small ponds are such strong magnets for millions of us, that there must be some strong bond that constantly tugs on our psyche, driving us to return. Or maybe it’s just that my family went to Ocean City every summer.

Whatever my reasons, or yours, we are attracted to bodies of water surrounded by sand, rocks, trees and wildlife. We easily spend hours, days, a lifetime, just walking along the shores, playing in the surf, or paddling along the currents. And since this my fate (which I thoroughly enjoy), I want to capture its native beauty to create great images that we all can share and fall in love with.