Work Selected for 3-Month Exhibit in Branford, CT

I am truly honored that my image, “Where Did the Years Go?”, was chosen for a “live” exhibit at the Connecticut Hospice In Branford. The gallery is open to everyone and runs from May 1 through August 1, 2021.

Thirty-three works for the show were selected by the hospice from among the 132 winners of the “2021 Images Competition” held by the Shoreline Arts Alliance. The hospice curator chose images “for the enjoyment of their patients, staff, visitors and volunteers”. I hope that my image of a thoughtful, older woman helps bring others some happiness.

Colleen B. Reilly at Gallery Exhibit in Branford, CT
At the Connecticut Hospice Exhibit Gallery

The gallery faces floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the beautiful Long Island Sound. It is such a peaceful environment which provides a space for people to meet and relax for a bit. To contribute to the well-being, if only for a little while, of the people of The Connecticut Hospice is a really good feeling.

Please visit the exhibit. The Connecticut Hospice is located at 100 Double Beach Road in Branford, CT.