“Interior Design” Wins Ribbon at New Views of Gilbertville Photo Exhibit

Gilbertville, MA, April 14, 2019 — I submitted two images of the Hardwick Covered Bridge for the juried “New Views of Gilbertville” 2019 Photography Exhibit which was created by the local Historical Society to encourage people take a deeper look at the historic village and to preserve its heritage. There were 30 photographers with 53 submissions. My winning image, Interior Design, an unconventional view from the inside of the historic covered bridge, received an Honorable Mention. My other image, Bridging the Centuries, offers an artistic treatment with a head-on view of this beautiful piece of architecture.

The Exhibit ran for 7 weeks in the venerable Hardwick Town House (a beautiful old building with so much charm and of course, history). At the Opening Reception on April 14, there were dozens of artists, guests, townspeople and local dignitaries. They were such a welcoming group of people who feted us with delicious food, kind words and good conversation. It was really an honor to participate in such a worthy cause. My blue ribbon was icing on a delicious cake!

Opening Reception at Hardwick Town House for New Views of Gilbertville Photo Exhibit
Opening Reception at the Hardwick Town House

Let me tell you a little about Gilbertville. Located in central Massachusetts, it is an unincorporated village in the town of Hardwick. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Gilbertville is considered a rare find as an historic mill village that has not been subject to urban renewal.

It was named after George H. Gilbert who in the 1860s built several wool textile mills on the Ware River. His factories employed hundreds of townspeople and his company helped to build homes, churches, a library and high school for the community. Gilbert wool products became nationally known and supplied the Union Army with uniforms.

Each submission for the photo contest was required to feature a building or resource in the Gilbertville National Register Historic District. The village’s historic district spans 75 acres and includes approximately 120 historic Gilbertville buildings and structures built between 1860 and 1930.

Interior of historic Hardwick Covered Bridge in Gilbertville, Massachusetts
Inside the 19th century Hardwick Covered Bridge at sunset
Red covered bridge crossing in Massachusetts
Bridging the Centuries” offers an artistic rendering of this stately architectural landmark.

Built in 1886, the Hardwick Covered Bridge spans the Ware River in Gilbertville and is one of a small number of surviving 19th century bridges in Massachusetts. It has a beautiful gabled roof and open latticed-wooden walls running the length of the bridge which let in so much light and contribute to its lasting character. Driving across the rumbling wooden bridge feels like you are journeying back in time. It’s very inspirational to be part of local history, if only for a brief moment. It makes you appreciate where we’ve come from and hopeful in where we can go.

For larger views, click on any of the images above, or click Interior Design or Bridging the Centuries.