After the Storm

I fell in love with the Southwest a few years ago. Living in the Northeast, all you see are trees. While, of course, they are beautiful, they block the skies which I adore.

This image was taken in Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Reservation in Utah/Arizona. It is the most amazing place to photograph with unpaved roads that wind throughout this mesmerizing landscape. This unique skyscape appeared as a rainstorm suddenly descended through the area.

It’s rather novel, at least for me, to witness several natural occurrences all at once – the clearing blue skies, the darker blue rain clouds, the sun’s yellow and orange glow through the clouds, and the beginning of a glorious rainbow. And all of this set in a deep orange landscape with swaths of low green and brown vegetation as far as you can see.

I have found that storms really enhance landscapes and add an ethereal quality that only nature can expertly paint. I’ve also learned that I care more about my camera gear getting rained on than I do me.