Where Did the Years Go?

My husband and I were traveling in Massachusetts last fall on our way to an old mill that had a bookstore and restaurant. Since the weather was still warm, we decided to eat our lunch outside on the assorted patio tables.

I spotted this older woman (and that’s a relative term) sitting with her family at a picnic table.  They were speaking in another language which made her more interesting as she looked like she was from the “old country”. I was so attracted to her face, especially wearing the old-fashioned scarf. She looked so interesting, so alluring to me. I wanted to know what she was thinking, how she was feeling, what was her life story? I just found it so difficult to look away.

But that was the problem – I knew I had to photograph her and sitting only a few tables away, it was pretty obvious what I was doing. I don’t like to be intrusive to another’s privacy. Yes, we were outside in a public area, but so what? She has a right to her space. I was starting to lose time with this photographic conundrum.

Although I am not a street photographer, I find many people interesting and want to preserve their images. I lost one opportunity at a fair when I spotted a beautiful older man and I told myself “no photo”. (I still regret not taking that one. He was eating soup and it was priceless.) So I opted for my art and decided to go for this one.