Always Look Up

My husband and I were at Lyman Orchards, a 1,500-acre farm with hills of orchards, a farm market and bake shop, 3 golf courses and restaurant. The prettiest spot is at the top of the hills where we were as you can look down on acres of colorful orchards or look up and view 360 degrees of sky.

He wanted to capture the late day sunlight under the apple trees. I just went along for the ride (but took my camera just in case).

It didn’t very long for me to put my camera on the tripod and look around for an interesting shot. The sky was full of changing colors from a setting sun, the photographer was in silhouette, and the world looked beautiful to me. I think it’s how we all feel when we capture that special moment.

I wanted the focus to be the wonder of the immense sky with the photographer looking up to admire the scene, not actively looking through the viewfinder. As photographers, we should always pause a while to do this.…or the world will pass us by. Take the time to look up, look down, look all around. Sometimes the best camera is your eyes….and your heart.