Little Girl Turnaround

I was on assignment to photograph a Sunday church service for a friend who was a reverend in Hartford, CT. The building had previously been a small pharmacy that was converted into a community church.

It was summer, and the Sunday service lasted much of the day. The congregation was so welcoming and full of such joy that it was a real pleasure to be there.

The adults were so elated to have someone take their photographs and share their worship activities. But most children can grow restless.

This adorable little girl was so well-behaved throughout the day. In fact, I really didn’t pay much attention to her (because she was so good), that is until she turned around.

I was seated for just a few minutes when she suddenly turned and looked at me. It was startling. She was a vision of a tiny, beautiful angel.

What a beautiful little face God had created and I was able to capture. If only we could keep this beauty, innocence (and good behavior) as we grow older.