Looking Back

This image was taken last October in Lancaster, PA, home to thousands of Amish families. I was sitting on the fence about going as I was told that they did not like their photo taken, and the farm roads were narrow with no room to pull over to take photos. But I decided to go anyway, and so glad I did. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Rolling hills, green pastures, a continuous stream of farms, animals and open blue skies. And so peaceful.

We were at a quiet intersection on Sunday morning, where of course, there were several farms. As I was taking photos of a field of large, brown, fluffy chickens, a carriage came by. One had just passed a few minutes before with an older woman who waved and smiled at me. It felt good to make a connection.

I wanted to respect their wishes, but I also wanted to capture these rare, and I felt, precious, scenes in our modern world. I was having an internal struggle about this, but my photographer’s instinct won over and I snapped away as the second buggy drove by. It was a family with three children looking out the back window. They reminded me of so many happy times sitting in the rear seat of my family’s station wagon watching the world go by.

For me, this image reveals that children in every culture share many of the same experiences as they travel with their families. No matter who you are, or what time period you live in, the back seat offers young children an innocent view of the world they live in.