Comet Neowise photo appears in local newspapers and social media

Capturing the Comet Neowise was truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The plan was to drive to an area of the state without too much distracting light to improve our chances to catch the comet. After several hours, we were rewarded when a distant, streak of white appeared in the distance. You could barely see it with your eyes, but the camera captured its movement to record this epic moment in celestial history.

I wasn’t sure if we would be able to see the comet, let alone capture its natural glory, but we did! I felt so blessed to be a witness to this natural phenomenon that I felt compelled to share this with others. I sent some images and a story to some media. The Lakeville Journal, The Tri-Corner News and The Millerton News all picked it up. It was featured above-the-fold (a special place) in their papers, their digital version and their social media, like Facebook.

For me, it was a good feeling to be featured in these publications, and it felt even better to know that many people reading these papers could see the beauty in nature and perhaps the next time, be motivated to go out and look up at the skies to capture their own memories.

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Comet NEOWISE passing over the Litchfield Hills, Connecticut
A once-in-a-lifetime moment to capture a comet

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Front page story in TriCorner News and The Millerton News (both publications cover CT and NY)