Photojournalism Photos Picked Up by Maryland Newspapers

It was our last walk along the Ocean City shoreline, and I wanted to capture a few more views of my favorite place before heading home. I’ve been coming here with family since I was a little girl, and I consider it my second home, and one that I always find difficult to leave.

While enjoying the early morning sun, deep blue surf and warm sand, I noticed an unusual sight – a backhoe (which you never see on the beach) with a few people looking at something rather large being pushed around by the waves.  As I got closer, it was a beautiful dolphin badly decomposed, washed up on the shore.

Although tragic and a natural part of ocean life, it was a very sad site to witness. The O.C. maintenance crew were as careful as they could be to remove this beloved Atlantic bottlenose dolphin from the beach. In fact, it was doubtful at times if the backhoe would make it out of the sand.

I ventured closer and fired away to capture this unusual site. I sent three of these images to two local papers, Ocean City Today and The Maryland Coast Dispatch, that serve the resort area and surrounding Maryland counties. I was elated that both papers wanted to publish my work.

It’s certainly not how I imagined my vacation would end, but I feel it’s important to share this story of the beauty as well as the tragedy that defines our natural world. It was also uplifting to see people who really cared and at the same time saddened by the loss of this magnificent animal. Respect for life should be a guiding philosophy for all of us as we live together on this planet.